The About Panel

Started in 2001 in Phoenix AZ. by Scott Samuelson as a Manufacturers Representative in the HVAC/R industry.

We represent only the finest Manufacturers, and supply our Distributors with unequaled service.

Scott Samuelson has a degree in business Management from a major Midwest university and is known to all customers as a hard working, Honest Rep.

Scott has 20 years in outside sales experience; he has been in the HVAC/R industry for the last 12 years.

Southwest Sales Group covers Arizona, Ca, Nev, and New Mexico (Including El Paso Texas).

We pride ourselves on training - Our customers sell what they know and it is our job to teach them. We do counter day training, Training for OEM, Training on the Job, Contractor training days, we will train just about anyone that will listen to us.

Contractor calls have become a large part of our business, almost 50 % of our time is spent on Contractor calls. Teaching the contractor about our products is an important aspect in pull through sales.

Southwest understands the customer's needs; we will be there when our customers need us for training, new product information, counter days, whatever it takes.

We pride ourselves on immediate responses to our customers - Test us.

Dignity, Honesty, Integrity and Respect.
Words that we live by. Not just words.